Remote learning

Will be updated continuously

ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wieshaider

While classes are switched to distance learning due to the anti-corona safety measures, my teaching is offered through a mixture of tools appropriate for the topic of the course. These tools comprise self-study of literature with comprehension questions and other homework as well as video conferences, in order to maintain direct communication. Relevant material is provided in the moodle folder of the course. In addition, information is sent to the registered students’ unet e-mail accounts:

030007 KU Bibliotheken, Museen, Archive

030008 SE Rechtsfragen zum Schutz von Kultur- und Naturlandschaften

030259 SE Kulturerbe im Spannungsfeld globaler, nationaler und lokaler Interessen (Wieshaider, Kuppe)

030274 KU Language Beyond Law

030300 KU Les rapports entre l'Etat et les religions

030499 KU Recht des Kulturgüterschutzes

380009 SE DissertantInnenseminar aus Religionsrecht, Kulturrecht und Rechtsanthropologie (Schima, Kuppe, Wieshaider)