Mag. Dr. Nicolas Stockhammer - Biography

Nicolas Stockhammer (*1975 in Vienna) graduated from University of Vienna (Political Science|Law| Philosophy|History). In Summer 2002 he participated in a security policy program on „International Security after 9/11“ at Stanford University’s CISAC. From 2004-2006 he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Dept. “Theory of Politics” (Humboldt University of Berlin). Stockhammer holds a PhD summa cum laude in Political Science (University of Vienna) and is currently working on his postdoctoral thesis. In early 2013 he joined the Bureau for Security Policy at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports where he served as a Security Policy Analyst. He is since mid 2014 a member of the research cluster „Polemology & Legal Ethics“, a cooperation project (University of Vienna/ MoD–Austrian National Defence Academy). The cluster’s focus of expertise is dedicated to “Polemology” as classic war & peace studies with a particular hermeneutical background of reconstructing geostrategical foundations of conflicts alongside the triad “geopolitics, geoeconomy and geoculture”.

Main research:

  •  Polemology in its whole bandwith
  •  „New“ Wars under the Conditions of Denationalization, Asymmetry und Hybridity
  •   Security Policy: Special Focus on Terrorism-Research
  •   Political Theory and History of Ideas. Philosophy of the State. Power Theories.
  •   Theories of International Relations (Realist Tradition)
  •   Geopolitics & Conceptions of Global Order (Hegemony vs. Empire) 
  •   Strategy and Decision-Making