Introduction to Legal Studies


Aims and structure

The lecture class „Introduction to Legal Studies” provides a primer of legal analysis and an overview of major themes of the legal curriculum. It is a six-credit course. The lectures are held every semester, and the written exams are administered at the beginning, the middle and the end of the semester (see information by the Study Service Centre).

The lecture class is complemented with various small sections in which students are given the opportunity to prepare specifically for the exam.


Contents and form

The lecture class is made up of three parts:


Preparing for the exam

For each part, written outlines are available. They can be purchased in the Facultas shop located in the Juridicum building. In addition, supplementary materials are offered on the e-learning platform “moodle”. Usually, additional and supplementary materials (summaries, questions, hypos) are distributed in small section classes.

ATTENTION! The new publication by Prof. Elisabeth Holzleithner (Einführung in die Rechtsphilosophie und ihre Methoden, part III, academic year of 2023/24, Manz Verlag) is available and the relevant text.

The publication by Prof. Eva Maria Maier (Einführung in die Rechtsphilosophie und ihre Methoden, part III, academic year of 2022/23, Manz Verlag), was Examination basis for the academic year 2022/23.



The tutorial is a forum designed for the common discussion of substantive and organizational issues. For further information click here.


The exam

All information concerning the exam on Introduction to Legal Studies see here.

Sample exam questions on the part dealing with legal philosophy can be obtained from the office of the faculty student representatives or from the Office of the Department of Legal Philosophy.

Furthermore, the e-learning platform "moodle" makes additional content available for download each semester. This content is supposed to offer students additional guidance when they are preparing for the exam. The materials of the winter semester are relevant for the exams administered in January and March,  the materials of summer semester for the exams in June and October.


Reviewing your graded exam

After the grades have been published, students have opportunity to look over their graded exam. The Study Service Center schedules the requisite meetings. If the exam takes place in digital modus, the reviewing is in Moodle.

Past that date, students can look over their graded exams concerning legal philosophy every Monday from 10.00 am to 11.00 am in the office of the Department of Legal Philosophy (only in case of exams held in presence).

Student Assistant

of the study program management (SPL) for organizing and coordinating the StEOP-exercises: