Optional Programme in Legal Philosophy



The basket of elective courses in Legal Philosophy offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves more deeply into topics from the philosophy of law, the methods of legal reasoning and the ethics of law.

Philosophy of law comprises, among other things, the exploration of the legal relation, the analysis of the general relation between law and morality, the foundations and limits of a secular society, the political philosophy of international relations and theories of justice.

Methods of legal reasoning are about legal hermeneutics, theories of legal argumentation and general legal theory.

The ethics of law concerns itself with the evaluation of notoriously enigmatic moral questions of legal policy. They arise, for example, in the context of reproductive medicine or with regard to matters such as assisted suicide or the rights of animals.

The basket of elective courses comprises 18 ECTS and is composed of four modules. At least one class has to be taken from each module.

Professor Somek introduces the programm at Instagram.


Core section (8 hrs)

Basic module philosophy of law

Advanced module philosophy of law

Module ethics of law

Module methods of legal reasoning

Selective section (4 hrs)

Two more courses from the offering in the basket programme


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Somek