ao. Univ.-Prof. MMag. Dr. Stefan Schima, MAS - Biography


1983 Graduation at „Wiener Akademische Gymnasium“

1986 Collaboration in a law firm

1989 Teaching assistant; Mag. iur. University of Vienna

1989–1994 University assistant on a contractual basis

1991–1992 Military service: Allentsteig; National Defence Academy (Vienna)

1994–2004 University assistant

1995 Promotion Dr. iur.

1997 Commencement of independent teaching activities

1997–1999 Assistant of the chairman of the Study Commission of the Faculty of Law

1998 Member of the Austrian Institute of Historical Research

1999 Mag. phil.: History and related fields of study (Canon Law, Eastern Church Studies, History of Law, Roman Law, Religious Studies, Historical auxiliary sciences)

1999–2009 Secretary of the „Austrian Association of Canon Law“

2000 Practical Experience at the Austrian State Archives of the Republic; Upgrading of the title „Member of the Austrian Institute of Historical Research“ to "Master of Advanced Studies (Historiography and Archive Studies)"

2002–2003 Board member of the „Vienna Association of the History of Law“

2003 Habilitation at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna, Subjects: Canon Law, resp. Ecclesiastical Law, Law on Religion.

2003–2004 Board member of „Alumni Geschichte. AbsolventInnenverein des Instituts für Geschichte der Universität Wien“

Since 2004 Associate University professor; additional teaching activity within the course „Canon Law for Lawyers“

2005–2006 Once more board member of the „Vienna Association of the History of Law“

2010 Commencement of teaching activities within the framework of the university program “Muslims in Europe” at the University of Vienna

Since 2012 Member of the „Rehabilitierungsbeirat“ pursuant to the „Aufhebungs- und Rehabilitierungsgesetz 2011“

2012–2013 President of the „Vienna Association of the History of Law“

2013–2014 Statutory vice president of the „Vienna Association of the History of Law“


Main research

  • Austrian Law on Religion
  • European Law on Religion
  • Canon Law
  • History of the Relations between the Religions and the States
  • History of Canon Law