Workshop on Democtratic Constitutionalism

The Workshop on Democratic Constitutionalism is dedicated to three major questions:


(1) Is "liberal democracy" more than residue that remains after we have subtracted from democracy its disturbing features, such as "populism"?


(2) Are the constitutional conflicts in the relation between the European Union and former Eastern European member states due to different understandings of history and must they be taken into account in calibrating the scope of legitimate variation among constitutional democracies?


(3) Does the loss of both the leftist project and of its Christian democratic alternative suggest that, in the absence of a transformative perspective, democracy is likely to be reduced to means for acting out impotent desires for destruction?


The events are organised in cooperation with Fabio Wolkenstein from the Department of Political Science.


Upcoming events

Samuel Moyn, 05.06.2024

Samuel Moyn, 05.06.2024

Samuel Moyn, 05.06.2024

Prior Lectures

  • 2024 06 06: Udit Bhatiaj "Acting Democratically under Clientelism"
  • 2024 06 05: Science talk with Samuel Moyn, Herlinde Pauer Studer, Fabio Wolkenstein, Alexander Somek "Liberalism against itself"
  • 2024 05 22: Sofia Näsström "Democracy and the Social Question: Sharing Uncertainty in Uncertain Times"
  • 2024 04 18: Franca Feisel "A reflexive theory of defending democracy"