Vienna Lectures on Legal Philosophy

This new series of lectures has been designed to reintroduce Vienna as a node in international debates. 

Lecture with Koen Lenaerts, 2024 01 29

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Prior Lectures

  • 2024 06 05, Science discussion "Liberalism against itself", at the Bruno-Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue.
  • 2024 01 29, lecture by Koen Lenaerts, President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, about "Judicial Dialogue and Constitutional Disagreements: Bridging the Gap"
  • 2023 11 30, Cormac Mac Amhlaigh (Professor of Public Law, University of Edinburgh, Law School) "Dworkin on Disagreement".
  • 2023 06 15,  Adrian Vermeule (Ralph S. Tyler Professor of Constitutional Law, Harvard Law School), "Who decides? Monstrous government and the dangers of private power"
  • 2023 06 01, Martin Loughlin (LSE Law School), "Enlightenment, Myth, and the Total Constitution"
  • 2023 05 25, Roni Mann (Barenboim-Said Akademie Berlin), "The Dethroned Forum of Principle: Re-drawing the Power/Knowledge Matrix in Constitutional Theory".
  • 2023 05 11, Kim Lane Scheppele, Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Sociology and International Affairs (Princeton University), "Restoring Democracy Through International Law"
  • 2023 04 27, George Pavlakos (Glasgow University), "Kant’s Principle of Right as a Principle of Collective Freedom".
  • 2023 03 30, Anna-Bettina Kaiser (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin), "Vom totalen Staat zur totalen Verfassung".
  • 2023 03 16, William Scheuerman (Indiana University), "Hans Kelsen, Leo Strauss, and the Crisis of American Democracy".
  • 2022 12 16, Sophie Loidolt (TU Darmstadt), "Deep Disagreements: Contradicting Constitutions of Reality".
  • 2022 11 18, Michaela Hailbronner (University Gießen), "Constitutional Disagreements or Institutional Failure? Legal Flexibility and Rigidity in Democratic Societies".
  • 2022 10 20, Stephan Kirste (University of Salzburg), "Procedural Legitimation and Substantive Legitimacy in the current Crisis of Democracy".
  • 2022 05 19, Andrei Marmor (Cornell Law School, New York), "Interpretation in Law and Elsewhere: Meaning, Object, and Truth".
  • 2022 05 05, Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo (University of Helsinki), "How to study conceptions of personhood in law: The case of European privacy law".
  • 2022 04 28, Katharina Isabel Schmidt (Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und
    internationales Privatrecht Hamburg), "Free Legal Reasoning: A History".
  • 2022 04 07, Yaniv Roznai, Ph.D. (Harry Radzyner Law School, Reichman University IDC Herzliya), "When the constitution is like a house: On metaphors in legal reasoning".
  • 2022 03 31, Marie Luisa Frick (Universität Innsbruck), „Constitutional Law in the Pandemic: Contested Self-Images and Popular/Populist Appropriations”.
  • 2022 01 20, Alon Harel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    "On the Political Significance of Classifying Norms as Constitutional Statutory or Adjudicatory: A Political Theory of Legal Institutions".
  • 2021 11 19, George Letsas (UCL University College London)
    "Balancing as a Legal Method: A Modern Myth".
  • 2021 10 14, John Tasioulas (Oxford University)
    "Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Achieve the Rule of Law?".
  • 2021 10 08, Frederick Schauer (University of Virginia) "Rules of Order".
  • 2021 09 30, Matthias Jestaedt (University of Freiburg i. Breisgau)
    "Von Eigengesetzlichkeiten und Fremdgesetzlichkeiten: Interdisziplinärer Konzepttransfer in Recht und Rechtswissenschaft".
  • 2021 05 06, András Jakab (University of Salzburg)
    "How to Establish the Meaning of Constitutional Principles".
  • CANCELLED due to the current Coronavirus situation - 12 March 2020
    Frederick Schauer (School of Law, University of Virginia)
    "Rules of Order".
  • 2020 01 09 , Anna Gamper (University of Innsbruck)
    "'Geschriebene' Regeln der Verfassungsinterpretation".
  • 2019 11 28, Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (University of Surrey, UK)
    "Tracing Finnis’s criticism of Hart’s Internal Point of View: Instability and the ‘Point’ of Human Action in Law".
  • 2019 06 19, Aditi Bagchi (Fordham University, School of Law, New York)
    "On the Boundaries of Normativism".
  • 2019 05 09, Sylvie Delacroix (University of Birmingham) "A Social Artefact that Binds Us? Understanding Law and its Normative Force".
  • 2019 03 14, Jiří Přibáň (Cardiff University)
    "Antinormativism and Legal Autopoiesis".
  • 2019 01 24, Ino Augsberg (University of Kiel)
    "Die Normalität der Normativität".
  • 2018 11 29, Oliver Lepsius (Chair for Public Law and Constitutional Theory, University of Münster)
    "Aggregatzustand der Normen".
  • 2018 10 25, Stanley Paulson (Sometime Mercator Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Kiel)
    "Normativity and Normativism".
  • 2018 06 21, Torben Spaak (Professor of Law, University of Stockholm)
    "Legal Realism and Legal Reasoning: A Quasi-Realist Approach".
  • 2018 04 11, Urška Šadl (Professor of Law, EUI-European University Institute, Florence) and Jakob v. H. Holtermann (Associate Professor, Centre of Excellence for International Courts, University of Copenhagen).
    "The Relevance of the Network Approach for Legal Studies: A Letter from Europe".
  • 2018 03 22, Anne van Aaken (Professor of Law and Economics, Legal Theory and Public International Law, University of St. Gallen)
    "The Concept of Law revisited: An Essay in Descriptive Psychology".
  • 2017 12 18, Peter Koller (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)
    "Die Bedeutung moralischer Tugenden im Feld des Rechts: Braucht das Recht tugendhafte Menschen?".
  • 2017 05 18, Dieter Grimm (Professor of Public Law, HU Berlin)
    "Die demokratischen Kosten der Konstitutionalisierung - Der Fall Europa".
  • 2017 05 04, Martin Loughlin (Professor of Public Law, LSE London School of Economics and Political Science)
    "Why read Carl Schmitt?".
  • 2017 03 23, Mattias Kumm (Inge Rennert Professor of Law, NYU Law School; Research Professor of Global Rule of Law, WZB Berlin)
    "Rechtsherrschaft, legitime Autorität und globaler Konstitutionalismus".
  • 2016 12 01, William Scheuerman (Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington)
    "Carl Schmitt Goes Global?".
  • 2016 11 14, Christoph Kletzer (King's College, London)
    "Primitives Recht - Über den Keim der Rechtsordnung".
  • 2016 05 31, Dennis M. Patterson (European University Institute, Florence)
    „Global Economic Constitutionalism“.
  • 2016 05 12, Otto Pfersmann (Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
    „Dogmatik oder nicht Dogmatik, das ist hier die Frage. Zum Stand der Rechtstheorie/-Philosophie in Frankreich" .
  • 2016 04 06, Michael S. Green (William and Mary School of Law)
    „Legal Monism and the Conflict of Laws“.